If a company is unable to settle its debts, it is possible to initiate the bankruptcy proceedings, including at the request of a creditor of the company. We help our clients to do that. We also represent our clients if the bancruptcy proceedings have already started to ensure that their claims were taken into account.

Most often clients turn to us in connection with the need to:

  • analyze the grounds for filing an application for the debtor to be declared bankrupt, and prepare and file an application for declaring the debtor bankrupt;
  • initiate a bankruptcy procedure;
  • impose on a participant (owner, founder) and/or a director of the debtor subsidiary liability (assistance to the manager);
  • present a claim against the debtor-bankrupt in order to include the client in the register of creditors of the debtor, restore the time limit for filing a claim against the debtor-bankrupt if the period has expired;
  • object the actions of the bankruptcy manager, including the results of considering the client’s application to include it in the register of creditors of the debtor, prepare and submit an application for recognizing the creditor’s claim to the court;
  • represent of the client’s interests at the meeting of creditors of the debtor;
  • represent the client’s interests in bankruptcy proceedings.