Use of Personal Data

In accordance with professional duties and applicable law, the attorney Aliaksander Danilevich strives to ensure the secrecy and confidentiality of information regarding his clients, potential clients, their partners and affiliates, and also adheres to the privacy policy set out below. The reference in this privacy policy to the term “Personal Data” means any information that identifies, or reasonably can be used to identify, you as one of the above-mentioned persons.

The attorney collects and processes your personal data to facilitate the provision of his professional assistance, including assistance with clients service, conflict checking, billing and marketing. The attorney can also process your personal data in order to comply with your legal obligations. Personal information includes contact information (for example, name, work address, telephone number and e-mail address), information about previous work (for example, executable functions, education, training and details of a previous job), identification information (for example, passport data, visas and immigration status, date and place of birth) and billing information (for example, account numbers and tax information). The attorney collects personal data through direct contact with clients, potential clients, their partners and affiliates, through a subscription provided on our website or other websites funded by the attorney, and through information that is publicly available on websites or through service on a subscription.

If you receive a letter from the attorney, this means that the data about your e-mail address has been provided by you in one form or another, or obtained from open sources. If you do not wish to receive further emails, you can write to the attorney at the address from which the letter was received and the attorney will stop sending correspondence to your address. The attorney uses your contact information exclusively for correspondence with you.

Third Party Access

The attorney treats your personal data in such a way as to prevent access to them by third parties.

In accordance with the professional and ethical obligations of an attorney, the attorney may allow others to access your information in order to process data on behalf of the attorney in connection with the conduct of a business by the attorney or in the event that disclosure of information in your interest or otherwise permitted, is necessary or permitted in accordance with the applicable law.

Before allowing a third party to access your information for business purposes, the attorney will take all reasonable steps to ensure that this third party has a clean reputation for doing business and provides at least the same level of confidentiality of information, which the attorney offers to his clients.

Preservation of Personal Data

In automatic mode, we keep records of domain names from which you visit the attorney’s website, but the period of storage of such information is limited.

Personal data is collected and processed in the amount necessary for the purposes described above. The attorney updates, corrects and erases personal data on a regular basis. The period of storage of your data by the attorney is reasonably determined by the need to conduct business and professional duties of the attorney to you, as well as in cases provided for in accordance with the applicable law.


The attorney takes all commercially reasonable steps in accordance with industry practice in order to protect your personal data through established safety standards and procedures. To prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, modification and destruction of your personal data, the attorney has established physical, electronic and administrative security procedures appropriate to the risk and nature of the protection of personal data. Our activities are reviewed at least annually to comply with the information privacy policy (hereinafter – Privacy Policy). The lawyer shall communicate this Privacy Policy to all his assistants and the staff of his office and train them as necessary in implementing it. Assistant attorneys and staff of the attorney’s office, who depart from the Privacy Policy of information, are subject to strict disciplinary measures that may include termination of employment.

Website Privacy Terms

Personal Information

The attorney provides this notice to explain his practice regarding the collection and use of personal information through this website. The attorney can take your personal information about the application for employment. We will not disclose / sell / provide your identifiable personal information to third parties until it is approved by you or required by law. The attorney can offer you access to certain information by e-mail, and can provide your email address and name to external service providers who will manage this process for the attorney. These service providers have agreed not to sell or distribute this information to any other party. Instructions for unsubscribing will be included in each email message. The attorney may share non-personal, anonymous, summary or aggregate user data with respect to certain affiliates or other third parties. Please note that although the activity of the attorney is aimed at protecting your personal information from unauthorized disclosure, the attorney can not guarantee that your personal information will never be disclosed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

To visit the attorney, you do not need to provide any information related to the personal data to the attorney, unless otherwise provided by a public contract, the terms of which you accept. In some cases, the attorney requests information about you with the purpose of communicating with you to improve the quality of service.

Links to Other Sites

This website contains links to other sites. When you enter other sites using links from this site, you enter the site for which the attorney does not bear any responsibility. The attorney does not control these sites and can not guarantee their practice of ensuring the confidentiality of information and its security. The attorney recommends you to read the privacy policy of these sites and warns that it may differ from the Privacy Policy of this site.


The attorney uses various security measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure, including Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption in the process of transferring your personal information through the Internet. In some cases, the attorney’s site uses cookies technology, which allows you to visit our site in the mode more convenient for you.

Questions and Comments

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