22 January 2021

The International Encyclopedia of Law has published an updated monograph by the managing partner Aliaksandr Danilevich on the legal regulation of sports in Belarus in the sports law section. This encyclopedia is designed for practicing lawyers who deal with transnational sports law issues, and includes both autonomous and state-established rules regarding the economic, social, commercial, cultural and political aspects of sports activities.

Reputable lawyers from different countries provide the editors of this encyclopedia with reports in the form of monographs on the features of the legal regulation of sports in a particular state, which, as a rule, cover the following issues: organization of sports; sports and employment; doping and sports; sports and commerce.

The information published in the reports is reviewed by the authors every two years in order to update the stated aspects.

The monograph by Aliaksandr Danilevich was published in Appendix 83 of the encyclopedia. You can see the content on the following link.