17 March 2020

On 16 March Court f Arbitration for Sport issued new Emergency guidelines Due to the current work disruptions caused by the Covid-19 in the world.

Article R31 of the Code of Sports-related Arbitration (the Code) is adapted in order to avoid the service of documents in hard copies. The request for arbitration, the statement of appeal and any other written submissions, printed or saved on digital medium, must be UPLOADED TO THE CAS E-FILING PLATFORM within the first subsequent business day of the relevant time limit. The other paragraphs of Article R31 remain applicable. In particular, it is important to note that the exhibits can be sent by e-mail exclusively (or be uploaded to the CAS e-filing platform).

Article R32 of the Code is adapted in order to take into account possible delays and reduced activities in some countries. Now with the exception of the time limit for the statement of appeal, any request for a first extension of time of a maximum of 2 WEEKS can be decided by the CAS Secretary General without consultation with the other party or parties.

These specific guidelines will be in force until at least 1 May 2020 (incl.).

CAS will not host any in-person hearing before 1 May 2020, at the earliest. Depending on the circumstances of each individual case, the arbitrators and parties are encouraged to conduct hearings

by video-conference or to cancel them (final award on the basis of the written submissions). If such measures are not possible or appropriate, the hearings must be postponed until May 2020 or later.

Depending on the evolution of the Covid-19 outbreak, the prohibition of in-person hearings may be extended.