17 June 2019

Dr Danilevich took part in a joint meeting of the legal and disciplinary committees of the association “Rugby Europe” in Paris on June 14-15. The meeting was held with the participation of representatives of the legal department of “World Rugby”, the agenda included issues of improving the internal disciplinary regulations, a report on the activities of the commissions and the preparation of changes to the regulations on the competition in terms of organizing disciplinary proceedings.

Rugby Europe is the new branding of FIRA-AER, which itself was formerly “Fédération Internationale de Rugby Amateur (FIRA)”. The « Fédération Internationale de Rugby Amateur » was created in 1934 and was established after France was banned from the Five Nations Tournament by the Home Unions. With the amendment of its Byelaws and in collaboration with the IRB, FIRA became in 1999, FIRA-AER as an exclusively European wide representative body. In 2014 FIRA-AER became RUGBY EUROPE.