We specialize in disputes resolution in state and arbitration courts, especially with the participation of foreign entities.

We believe that each dispute is unique and requires the maximum involvement of an experienced attorney-at-law.

Our clients are always aware of the status of the case. We understand the importance of this aspect for the client, so we always stipulate how often and in what form the client wants to receive reports on the work progress.

Our payment is predictable. The client will be never billed for the work that have not been approved before. The cost and terms of the work are reviewed in exceptional cases, which the client is immediately informed of. Altered costs and terms of works are agreed with the client before the beginning of a new stage of work.

We are considering payment methods that are convenient for the client. According to the reached agreements, the size of the attorney’s fee can be determined both taking into account (1) the hourly rate, and in the form:

(2) a flat fee;

(3) hourly payment, but not more than a fixed amount (cap fee);

(4) a fixed amount with additional payment for the positive outcome (contingency fee).