We represent the interests of our clients in commercial disputes at any stage of the trial. We lead cases that are considered in both state and arbitration courts.

We specialize in disputes involving foreigners. We are most often addressed in connection with:

  • disputes in the field of international commerce:
    • collection of debts due to non-payment of the delivered goods;
    • disputes about the quality of the goods;
    • application of penalties stipulated by the contract, due to goods short-delivery, late delivery or payment, etc .;
    • on termination of the contract of sale of goods, including in connection with a material breach of the contract by the other party, unilateral refusal to perform the contract, the consequences of termination (unilateral refusal to perform) the contract;
  • disputes in the field of international transport law (transportation and expedition):
    • loss of or damage to goods;
    • incomplete delivery;
    • if cargo is incorrectly addressed;
    • cargo damage and demurrage;
    • delivery delayed;
    • improper documents execution;
    • on the application of penalties provided for by contracts on the international carriage of goods or the international transport expedition.
  • disputes in real estate, construction and insurance (in particular, in connection with the violation of construction contracts, a contract for the performance of design and survey work);
  • disputes in the field of intellectual property;
  • disputes related to challenging the validity of the contract or its individual provisions.