Debt collection or other type of dispute, which must be resolved by jurisdiction in a court abroad, has a number of difficulties. It is necessary, firstly, to find an appropriate local lawyer or a law office; secondly, to prepare and submit competently all documents for a foreign court or arbitration, and thirdly, to maintain a permanent contact with a foreign lawyer (law office) for the successful protection of the client’s interests abroad. All this requires knowledge of a foreign language, time, and sometimes special knowledge of foreign law. The attorney has experience in legal intermediation in the relations of his clients with foreign colleagues and helps to minimize expenses of time and money, when considering your dispute in a foreign court.

In some situations, jurisdiction of a foreign court can raise justified doubts. This is possible with the invalidity of a prorogatory agreement (agreement on jurisdiction of the foreign court), of an arbitration agreement, or the existence of alternative jurisdiction. Perhaps, the dispute may be considered in the local court, and not abroad, which will be easier and cheaper.